Welcome to Septaz

About Us

Septaz is built and managed by Zauba.

Zauba manages India’s largest business research platform, worlds first search engine for research, a B2B platform for imports and exports and a lead gen platform.

Why Septaz?

Zauba’s computing needs vary by products and our computing needs also change fast. Given our massive use of AWS and ever increasing AWS bills, we wanted to cut costs and cut them deep. Our first option was reserved instances. Three year reserved instances in most cases never worked as our computing needs changed often or something changed in the application that required us to change type of instances (We recently moved from high CPU instance to high RAM instances). AWS also consistently launches new generation instances that offer better performance at lower costs. Using reserved instances would limit our ability to move to newer generation instances. Moreover, some of the servers would be used only for few weeks or less than a year.

Our Solution

We needed a solution that would offer better cost savings compared to reserved instances while maintaining "infrastructure agility". Septaz was built as an internal tool at Zauba to achieve just that!

We have successfully deployed Septaz on all our AWS accounts & have seen great results.

Maintain infrastructure agility.
Switch between instance types as your
products evolve